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Streaming Professor was created to share experiences and reflections on online education to aid educators making the transition from in-person to on-line education, recognizing that unlike in-person education, there is much less accumulated experience with online education for academics to draw from. There is a dual intention of this resource:

  • To make the life of educators smoother: No-one would coudl have forseen the rapid transofmration of education that has occured in 2020. Almost online education has transitioned from a relatively niche educational experience to one of the primary means that material is delivered. Whether or not you expected 
  • To enhance the quality of the online experience: The other dual intention is to improve the online experience from the perspective of students. 

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Contributions and acknowledgements


Gareth D Keeves: Streaming Professor is written and maintained by Dr. Gareth D. Keeves who received his PhD in strategy from the University of Michigan, Ross School of Business. The on Streaming Professor reflect his experiences and reflection from his experience in online education, teaching on the online MBA program for University of California Davis, Graduate School of Management and Rice University, Jones Graduate School of Business.

Acknowledgements: Like all academic endeavors, Streaming Professor has benefited from discussions with and suggestions of numerous academics. 

Publishing: Streaming Professor is owned and published by Menai Insight, LLC. 

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