Online Office Hours

Office hours have an important role in ensuring a successful class, allowing students to ask to resolve questions. These collections of articles explore the role of virtual office hours, and how to set up office hours using either Google Calendar or Doodle. 

Scheduling Office Hours with Doodle

Doodle is possibly the simplest way of setting up office hours – within five minutes you can have signup splots. This article explains how to use Doodle for scheduling your office hours.

Managing Virtual Office Hours

Virtual office hours can be an important companion to an online course, allowing students to resolve administrative questions and address gaps in understanding. This article explores different approaches for holding virtual office hours.

Increasing Student Preparation for Online Classes

While maintaining energy and engagement may be some of the most important parts of ensuring the successful delivery of online classes, this is particularly difficult if few students have prepared in advance for the class. Particularly for discussion-focused classes, ensuring that students take steps to engage with the material in advance of the class can go a long way to avoiding situations where the conversations remaining very superficial in nature.

To Sit or to Stand when Teaching Online

It’s easy to assume that sitting is the best way of teaching on-line – all your students will be sitting down. However, there are some advantages to consider of standing up when delivering your class. This article will explore the benefits of both options.

Bringing Energy to your Online Class

One of the most important considerations when teaching online is how to maintain student energy and engagement. This article explores ways of bringing some energy to the class, with a specific focus on online teaching environments.

Using Teaching Assistants in Online Classes

For large online classes, in-person teaching assistants can be a useful resource can to resolve in-class issues and improve the flow of the class. This article examines possible uses of Teaching Assistants in the online format, as well as how to set up Zoom so that they can take on these responsibilities.