Top Zoom Skills for New Online Teachers

If you are set to teach online, or using Zoom for the first time, then this is the place to start – we have collated together some of our top advice for making the transition online. 

You are not alone: All educators on Zoom are new!

The growth of online teaching is new. While some courses have been delivered online for many years, the dramatic rise of online teaching in 2020 has resulted in a sudden need to become familiar with video conferencing technologies. While all change can be uncomfortable, it is important to note that you are not alone – all educators who have transitioned online will have gone through the same learning/re-learning process, and the majority will have only made this change recently. 

The guides below cover some of the key considerations when teaching online, designed to walk you through key considerations of using Zoom, and to help you get setup for your first class. 

Getting Going

Some of the first things that you will want to get familiar with is setting up a meeting in Zoom and sharing a PowerPoint in Zoom. It can be useful to log into Zoom as a ‘participant’ and see how Zoom looks like from a student’s perspective

Scheduling a Zoom Meeting

If you are new to Zoom, there are a lot of settings that are useful to be aware of when setting up a meeting. This article explores those settings, with guidance on what may be useful for your class.

Sharing a PowerPoint via Zoom

One of the most common ways of presenting on Zoom is to share a PowerPoint Presentation. In this article, we will explore how to set PowerPoint presentations to open as a separate Windows that can then be shared from within Zoom.

See a Participant View of Zoom

It can be useful to see Zoom as your students do – this makes it easier to know what they are likely seeing at there end and provide guidance and instructions. This article shows how Zooms looks from the student perspective.

Getting Use to Keep Components of Online Classes

Once you have familiarized yourself with the key concepts of teaching on Zoom, it is useful to begin understanding other parts of the overall class structure when teaching on Zoom, including the waiting room, breakout rooms, and the role of chat in your classes

Using Zoom’s Waiting Room

The waiting room feature help ensures Zoomboming is a thing of the past. This article explains Zoom’s waiting room feature, and important things to know about the feature for managing your class.

The Role of Zoom’s Breakout Rooms

Breakout Rooms can be one of the most effective ways of integrating discussion and student engagement into classes – explore ways of integrating them in your classes.

Using Chat in Zoom

Zoom’s chat feature can be a great resource – but are also a potential distraction when teaching. Learn how to selectively use it within your class, or disable it to avoid interruptions.

Thing through class delivery

While getting use to the controls on Zoom is part of the challenge of moving to online teaching, it is also important to consider how you will deliver your classes as well. 

Bringing Energy to your Online Class

One of the most important considerations when teaching online is how to maintain student energy and engagement. This article explores ways of bringing some energy to the class, with a specific focus on online teaching environments.

Approaches to Managing Online Discussions

For classes that involve any degree of participation, it is important to consider how to manage online discussions. This article explores the options and considerations involved in student participation within online classes.

Contingency Planning your Online Classes

Online teaching presents some new difficulties that have the potential of derailing a class. This article explores some possible sources of disruption and considers ways of reducing the likelihood of issues arising, or dealing with such problems should they occur in the class.

Establishing Online Class Norms

Establishing clear norms and expectations around online learning is important for ensuring a smooth and successful class delivery. This article explores some of the important expectations to establish to help deliver a smooth and successful class.

Furterhing your Zoom skills

Once you have become familiar with teaching online it can be useful to explore some more advanced features of Zoom, including using Zoom shortcuts and removing any unnecessary material from the class recording

Trimming a Zoom Class Recording

While having Zoom recording is a fantastic resource for students, enabling those who miss class to rewatch the missed material, it is possible that students may raise tangential or private issues, particularly at the start and end of classes when they may assume that there is no one else in the room. This article explains how to use Zoom’s trim feature to remove this unwanted material from the archive.

Setting up Virtual Backgrounds in Zoom

Have you considered using a virtual background when on a Zoom call? Whether you are looking to add some personalization to the call or avoid a cluttered backdrop, this article explores the opportunities and explains how to set one up.