Zoom Frequently Asked Questions

In call questions

By default, the maximum number of participants shown in Zoom is 25 – however, it is possible to increase the number of participants displayed to 49.

No, by default Zoom will show you a mirror image of your preview – Zoom allows you to disable mirroring of your preview. 

Yes – There are a few different ways of sharing a second webcam on Zoom, from simply sharing it using the ‘share’ function on Zoom, to selecting the second webcam from the list of webcams. 

Yes – Zoom allows you to select a virtual webcamera in a similar way to how you would select any webcam. See our guide for connecting Streamlabs OBS to Zoom using a virtual webcam

Managing the call

Solving technical issues

Echos or feedback on the call is caused by microphones picking up and transmitting sound. Read our guide for identifying and preventing echo on Zoom calls.